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Cranial Work

Cranial Work

**    Trauma or dysfunction including birth trauma, may call the need for cranial work. This may enhance complete lasting correction of the whole body. Emotional shock, scar tissue or neurological memory may restrict the rhythmic pulses in the body that run through the central nervous system for optimal health and function.  When mobility of the cranial system is altered symptoms may occur. These can include hearing loss, tinnitus, sinus troubles, neck pain , tooth pain, back pain, neck pain, visual disturbances, insomnia, various emotional and thought disturbances and bell's palsy to name a few.

**    The cranial system can be released through gentle non force procedures unlocking and restoring normal function.  With out this release the body is unable to resolve the underlying cause of the original injury this will lead to devastating compensations where symptoms and disease can arise.  

**    Children are at most risk for cranial dysfunction. If the child is in pain at birth the body will learn to adapt. This adaptation is seen as ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, irritability, anger, frustration, emotional/physical dysfunctions as well as a decreased immune system.

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Review By Our Satisfied Patient

  • "I was battling with a debilitating foot injury for over a year. Three other doctors said I would need surgery which would likely prevent me from running or jumping, permanently. To say that Dr. Jen simply “cured” my foot, surgery-free, would be a gross understatement. She helped me feel self-fulfillment, impacted my professional growth, and improved my intimate life. Happiness, money, and sex? AND I can jump around like a maniac anytime? Clearly, the idea of “whole you” wellness is no joke--these doctors understand big picture health...through Pilates, Sensei Kara helped me create serious core-strength, and Dr. Jen and Dr. Jamie transformed the way I conceive of health & wellness. Seeing the big picture is so much better. My reality—empowered. My stays at Wholeyou Wellness have changed my life. Period."
    Jaki G. Malvern, PA

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