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IonCleanse Detox

Ion Cleanse Footbath Detox

Did you know....

TOXINS ACCUMULATE IN THE FEET AND THE WHOLE BODY from daily intake. Toxins accumulate from what we eat, breath, think, drink, feel, medications, and from what we have absorbed from the past.

The IonCleanse is the original professional model that is noted above the copied models on the market today. The IonCleanse is a safe, easy and effective way to rid toxins in the body in just 25 minutes.

Eastern medical study for hundreds of years holds the view that toxins go downwards in the body during the day with gravity & pile up from the tips of the toes to the ankles. Eastern medicine also understands that toxic accumulation leads to many degenerative diseases.

The feet, being extremities furthest form the heart, have the hardest job of pumping blood carrying toxins back up the heart, kidneys, lungs, & liver and out through skin for natural excretion from the body. Accumulated fluids and toxins can cause painful swelling around the ankles with poor blood circulation. The feet are considered the second heart! Not only do the feet have over a thousand pores on the soles; they also have 62 acupuncture points which relates to the major organs of the body. Generally, the top third of the foot relates to the top third of the body organs, the arch relates to the center of the body, and the heel to the lower third of the body.

It is important to release all toxins from the body. Make an appointment TODAY for the IonCleanse Footbath to eliminate your impurities.

o    How ions are produced by the Ioncleanse device.
Source: Bassam Z. Shakhashiri (1992) Chemical Demonstrations: A Handbook for Teachers of Chemistry,Vol.4.
Description: Water is decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen gases using electricity. A Hoffman electrolysis
apparatus collects the two gases separately and shows the 2 to 1 ratio nicely. If a pH indicator is used the anode
becomes yellow and cathode becomes blue.
Concept: When a DC current is passed though a water solution, water is oxidized at the anode producing O2 and
reduced at the cathode producing H2. The solution becomes acidic at the anode and basic at the cathode.
At the anode: 2 H2O (l) = O2 (g) + 4 H+ (aq) + 4 e- (indicator blue) Acidic pH.
At the cathode: 4 H2O (l) + 4 e- = 2 H2 (g) + 4 OH- (aq) (indicator yellow) alkaline pH
The IONCLEANSE array uses 2 sets of plates with different surface areas to generate different quantities of ions in
the foot bath water. One method of measuring the quantity of positive or negative ions in the water is the pH  reading


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  • "I was battling with a debilitating foot injury for over a year. Three other doctors said I would need surgery which would likely prevent me from running or jumping, permanently. To say that Dr. Jen simply “cured” my foot, surgery-free, would be a gross understatement. She helped me feel self-fulfillment, impacted my professional growth, and improved my intimate life. Happiness, money, and sex? AND I can jump around like a maniac anytime? Clearly, the idea of “whole you” wellness is no joke--these doctors understand big picture health...through Pilates, Sensei Kara helped me create serious core-strength, and Dr. Jen and Dr. Jamie transformed the way I conceive of health & wellness. Seeing the big picture is so much better. My reality—empowered. My stays at Wholeyou Wellness have changed my life. Period."
    Jaki G. Malvern, PA

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